Jamie Zepp

A reporter, a sports anchor, an Emmy- award winner, an adventurer, a writer, a friend.

Jamie Zepp Memorial Scholarship

The Jamie Zepp Memorial Scholarship will go to help a Rapid City Central High School senior attend college.  Jamie spent his life gathering knowledge and experiences and then eagerly shared the wisdom he gained with others.  His positivity and ‘up-for-anything’ attitude was infectious and he brought out the best in those who were lucky enough to call him a friend.   All net proceeds from his book “Modern Odyssey: My Appalachian Trail Experience” as well as net proceeds from fundraisers will go toward funding this scholarship.  It will be a continuing effort to populate the leaders of the next generation with Jamie Zepp’s view of life: that EVERY day is a chance to be a better person and to bring out the best in others.


Co-workers and friends reflect on Jamie Zepp before he is inducted into the Rapid City Sports Hall of Fame


Alicia Garcia accepts Jamie Zepp’s nomination into the Rapid City Sports Hall of Fame


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